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Collection Services

Helping Healthcare Providers Collect More

Welcome to the new era of medical collection, finally focused on patient satisfaction and process improvement.

Increased Collection

Collect more and collect faster with Cross America Financial's proven approach to patient billing, bad debt collection and insurance follow up.

Fewer Headaches

Working with CAF means you can focus on caring for patients while we focus on generating cash flow for your organization.

Happier Patients

With simple statements, modern payment options and a consultative, service-based collection approach, your patients are more likely to pay and be happier after the fact.

Patients First. From Start To Finish.

Your patients are your most valuable asset, and they deserve to be treated as such. At CAF, we believe that kindness and empathy are the most persuasive methods for healthcare collection. That's why our staff is trained on customer service first and foremost, not high-pressure tactics like other agencies.

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Patient Billing & Early Outs

Place your self-pay accounts with CAF shortly after the date of service. CAF then provides easy to understand bills and fast, friendly service to your patients.

Cross America Financial bill payment options
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Bad Debt Collection

We work with your patients person-to-person to resolve their delinquency in a way that respects their dignity, without the high pressure tactics commonly associated with collectors.

CAF collects 30% - 50% more than other agencies*

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Denial Management

Frustrated by slow reimbursement and excessive claim denials from your payers? CAF’s highly trained insurance collection team will analyze contracts, write appeals and overturn denials.

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Hear It From Our Clients

"CAF exceeded my expectations, they collected more money than any other vendor we’ve used in the past. If I ever have concerns, I’ll say something and CAF responds with results."

Terry E., Hospital CBO Director

The CAF Difference

Other Agencies

High-Pressure Collection Tactics

leading to patient dissatisfaction and lower collection rates

Ignores Low-Dollar Accounts

complacent, delivering sub-par results

No Feedback or Root Cause Analysis

not enabling you to improve internal processes


Service-Based Collection

meaning happier patients, fewer complaints, and increased collection

Works All Accounts

to deliver the results you  deserve

Detailed Root Cause Analysis

regular feedback on root-causes so you can close gaps in your revenue cycle

Take The Next Step

Schedule a consultation with CAF to discuss your organization's needs and discover how we can make a difference.

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