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Service-Based Healthcare Collection

About CAF

Founded in 2008, CAF was built to change the way medical debt collection was approached. By focusing on customer service first, rather than the high-pressure tactics used by many other agencies, we were able to increase collection rates and patient satisfaction simultaneously.

Gary Dwight, Managing Partner at Cross America Financial

Gary Dwight

Managing Partner

Gary's background includes over 25 years of risk and cash flow management for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. In 2008, Gary founded Cross America Financial, LLC to assist hospitals with issues affecting their revenue cycle.  Currently, Gary serves as Managing Partner of CAF, and is an active leader in the community.

"CAF embraces the culture of participation in programs in our community… We truly are business partners. Our relationship is different than with other vendors we’ve used, in that CAF works well with our patients and involve themselves in our community."

- Mayda C., Director of PFS

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