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Medical Team

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Your Complete First-Party Patient Billing Solution

"We had a very close and highly communicative relationship with CAF, and that relationship continued to my entire staff. CAF increased monthly early-out and self-pay collection by over 150%."

Houshang A., CFO

*results not typical or guaranteed

From Start To Finish.

From easy to understand statements to cutting edge payment options and world-class, in-house customer support, CAF’s mission is to improve patient experience every step of the billing process.

Our billing staff is trained on customer service first and foremost, not high pressure collection tactics like other agencies. Your patients are your most important asset, and we treat them accordingly.

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Straightforward Patient Statements

Healthcare can be incredible complicated for the average patient, why make matters worse by sending them convoluted medical bills that only a seasoned healthcare professional could understand?


At CAF, we prioritize simplicity so that each patient feels confident paying their bill. If they have questions, our friendly staff is available to help guide them through the process.

Medical Bill

Payment Options For Every Patient

When it comes to paying a bill, your patients want options. CAF offers a number of payment options, ranging from Papaya to ACH transfer, paper check and more.


Some patients are tech savvy and some are “old-school”, CAF has options for them all. When payment is made this simple, patients are more likely to pay.

Cross America Financial Payment Options
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Take The Next Step

Schedule a consultation with CAF to discuss your organization's needs and discover how we can make a difference.

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