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CAF prides itself on providing a wide range of collection agency services for healthcare providers that wish to meet the demands of a increasingly complex and value-based healthcare environment.


patient billing & early outs

Medical billing to patients.

You place your self-pay accounts with CAF shortly after the date of service. CAF then provides easy to understand bills, and fast, friendly service to your patients. We answer questions, verify balances, run eligibility, and collect upon accounts in a positive manner to improve your cash flow, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce the need for write offs.

insurance follow up

If you are frustrated by slow reimbursement and excessive claim denials from your payers, we can help. CAF’s highly trained insurance collection team are experts at analyzing contracts, writing appeals and overturning denials. We understand the inner workings and strategies of government and commercial payers throughout the U.S. and utilize this knowledge to your advantage. CAF puts your money to work for you faster.

bad debt collection

Once an account has been written off to bad debt, we focus on gaining trust and cooperation to resolve the account. We take the time to listen and use a consultative style in all of our communications with your patients. We work with them person-to-person to resolve their delinquency in a way that respects their dignity while still emphasizing their financial responsibility to you. This “professional persistence” results in higher collections rates and faster payments for our clients.

Bad debt collection focused on patient satisfaction.

workers' compensation

It is often difficult for provider business offices to keep up with the many changes in workers compensation law and regulations. CAF is constantly refreshing its knowledge in this area, and offers a full suite of services - from lien filings to settlement hearings - to ensure your work comp collection efforts are always effective.

Litigation & arbitration

Due to the costs and risks involved, litigation is often a last resort. Nonetheless, it is sometimes the most (or only) effective tool against payers who consistently refuse to live up to their obligations.  CAF, in partnership with its attorneys, has collected millions of dollars on behalf of its clients through a thoughtful, analytical process of negotiation, arbitration and litigation.

revenue cycle consulting

CAF understands the healthcare revenue cycle, from patient access to collection. We work closely with your team to identify where revenue is lost in your organization and develop strategies to close the gaps.