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for healthcare providers

Your Complete Third-Party Medical Debt Collection Solution

“CAF was great at working on very difficult, dirty assignments. Accounts that nobody else really wanted and they got results... CAF delivered results beyond expectations. Those payments weren't going to come in and CAF made it happen while treating our patients with dignity and respect throughout the collection process."

Pam H., Director of Revenue Cycle

Customer Service FIRST

When it comes to working with your most important assets, your patients, we believe kindness and empathy the most persuasive methods of collection. The result is higher collection rates, fewer headaches, and greater patient satisfaction!

We take the time to listen and use a consultative style in all of our communications with your patients. We work with them person-to-person to resolve their delinquency in a way that respects their dignity while still emphasizing their financial responsibility to you.

Image by Thom Holmes

Feedback &
Root-Cause Analysis

We never shy away from providing necessary insights to help you and your staff improve internal processes. If we can help you prevent accounts from going to collection in the first place, we will.

Our collection services are not built to be self-serving, we want to help you keep accounts out of bad debt by providing the critical data your staff needs.

Business Meeting

US-Based Collection & Support Staff

The entire CAF team operates out of our office in Gardena, California. We take pride in the diverse culture we’ve built and the unique benefits it brings, such as bilingual staff members and more.

Our team’s passion for serving people is what fuels us, and their attention to detail is what helps our clients get ahead. From the top down, we prioritize service above all else.

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Take The Next Step

Schedule a consultation with CAF to discuss your organization's needs and discover how we can make a difference.

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